YT Government: 28 community projects receive support from Community Development Fund

July 22, 2019

28 community projects across Yukon are receiving a total of $909,409 in Tier 1 and Tier 2 funding through the Community Development Fund.

Funding recipients include Watson Lake Riding Association for construction and building improvements, Kluane First Nation for a memorial park, Whistle Bend Community Garden Coalition to establish a community garden, Whitehorse Firefighters Charitable Society for a textile baler to help with the redistribution and sale of reusable clothing, and the Boys and Girls Club of Yukon to host a national youth development conference.

The Government of Yukon is proud to support projects that promote community wellbeing while creating employment opportunities in Yukon communities. These projects enhance sustainability and will expand cultural and recreational opportunities across the territory.

Minister of Economic Development Ranj Pillai

The Watson Lake Riding Association is pleased to receive support from the Community Development Fund for improvements to our facilities. This facility provides opportunities for the community to experience a number of healthy outdoor activities with programs offering the equestrian experience to youth as well as adults.

Watson Lake Riding Association President Rick Harder

Whistle Bend Community Garden is thankful to receive Community Development Fund support for our community garden which will allow us to produce quality food for the community. Upcoming tasks include raised beds, soil building, berry plants, greenhouses, fencing and irrigation.

Whistle Bend Community Garden President Eoin Sheridan

Quick Facts

  • The Community Development Fund provides funding for projects, events and initiatives that offer long-term, sustainable economic and social benefits for Yukon communities. Funding is divided into three tiers with the following application deadlines:
    • Tier 1: Applications of $20,000 or less (January 15, May 15, July 15 and October 15).
    • Tier 2: Applications between $20,000 and $75,000 (April 15 and September 15).
    • Tier 3: Applications over $75,000 (January 15).


Community Development Fund Tier 1 May 15, 2019 Intake Approved Projects – $174,074

Conservation Klondike Society – $8,444 – To build a lean-to extension that improves the storage conditions of the bike library, wheelie recycling bins and fiber recycling bags. This fully operational recycling depot provides a valuable service for the businesses, governments and citizens of Dawson City through the collection of recyclable materials. During the summer months, the society operates a number of programs including the Recycle Bike Library and Recycle Wheelie Bins. The bike library program involves working with the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Youth Centre and students from the Robert Service School to rescue discarded bicycles from the landfill, repairing and restoring them so they can be used by locals and tourists. The project will create 80 hours of employment for one person. Contact: Gabe Ng at 867-993-6666.

Friends of Mount Sima Society – $20,000 – To hire two coordinators to market and implement the pre-season program. This project will enable the society to establish a foundation with local service providers and work closely with teams to maximize the full potential of the pre-season program. Mount Sima is an important recreational facility that provides social and economic benefits for the community. The project will create 800 hours of employment for two people. Contact: Jordan Stackhouse at 867-689-0496.

Kluane First Nation – $19,351 – To develop a community memorial park in recognition of the recent losses in Burwash Landing. A memorial park will offer a quiet place for residents to reflect, grieve and honour those who have passed in order to heal as a community. The project will create 160 hours of employment for five people. Contact: Monica Johnson at 867-841-4274.

Christ Church Cathedral – $3,573 – To replace the old walkway and landing at the side door along the East wall of Hellaby Hall, adjacent to Stringer Park and the Old Log Church. Stringer Park, the Old Log Church Museum and Hellaby Hall are historically significant and used extensively for community events and outreach. A new walkway will provide a safe entranceway for people entering and exiting Hellaby Hall and improve the appearance of Stringer Park. The project will create 200 hours of employment for five people. Contact: Robert Dempster at 867-456-2099.

Yukon Agricultural Association – $19,751 – To increase capacity to fully engage with members and stakeholders through three interconnected initiatives: development of a new logo to reflect the future vision of the organization; an updated and improved website; and improved membership management online. These initiatives will better serve Yukon’s agricultural sector as well as promote the association as a professional, trustworthy and reliable source of information. The Yukon Agricultural Association is the best source of news and information used by farmers across the territory. The project will create 384 hours of employment for one person. Contact: Jennifer Hall at 867-668-6864.

Yukon Arts Centre – $14,500 – To photograph and publish more than 120 pieces of artwork from the Yukon Arts Centre Permanent Art Collection on a new, specially built webpage that will display the collection for public viewing and research. This art collection is an important cultural legacy for Yukon. Galleries and museums all over the world are increasingly using technology to make their collections available publicly online, which will dramatically increase the exposure of Yukon artists worldwide. The project will create 170 hours of employment for four people. Contact: Casey Prescott at 867-667-8577.

Teslin Historical and Museum Society – $18,390 – To hire a consultant to create an interpretive training and operations manual for the George Johnston Museum staff. The manual will serve as a training tool in interpretive skills and program planning, museum procedures and policies, as well as a reference guide for the museum’s main interpretative messages and stories. The project will create 250 hours of employment for one person. Contact: Ryan Durack at 867-390-2550.

Downtown Urban Gardeners Society – $5,316 – To replace two existing large plots with 11 new individual raised beds in the Whitehorse Community Garden and replace two individual plots which cannot be repaired. This community-based sustainable food security initiative provides accessible space within the city where community members and clients of social services agencies can grow their own nutritious and affordable food. The garden promotes healthy living through gardening as an outdoor activity that creates physical and mental health benefits, and encourages the sharing of knowledge and community building. The project will create 180 hours of employment for two people. Contact: Randy Lamb at 867-393-7410.

Whistle Bend Community Garden Coalition – $19,040 – To transform an empty lot into a productive garden and community resource. Establishing a community garden in the heart of Whistle Bend will provide opportunities for recreational gardening and food production in an unused space. The garden promotes healthy living through gardening as an outdoor activity that creates physical and mental health benefits, and encourages the sharing of knowledge and community building. Dedicated volunteers are involved in every aspect of this project and will contribute approximately 330 volunteer hours over a three-month period. The project will create 18 hours of employment for three people. Contact: Eoin Sheridan at 867-332-6232.

Yukon Transportation Museum – $17,974 – To renovate the back hallway in order to improve the flow through the museum. A more cohesive flow will substantially improve visitor experiences and increase the interior exhibit space. The project will create 318 hours of employment for nine people. Contact: Janna Swales at 867-668-4792.

First Nation of Na-Cho Nyäk Dun – $16,784 – To expand the community garden’s watering system by installing rain gutters, downspouts and four water collection tanks. In addition to increasing water storage, this environmentally friendly watering system will help increase the garden’s production and ensure the continuity of a healthy food supply. Four First Nation citizens will also receive training in the installation and operation of water collection systems. The project will create 150 hours of employment for four people. Contact: Maureen Huggard at 867-996-2265.

Les EssentiElle – $10,924 – To offer a three-day leadership course to support the professional development of francophone women in Yukon. The training program will include a combination of presentations, questionnaires, videos, interactive exercises, scenarios and case studies. The skills that can be gained through leadership training include self-confidence, communicating effectively, and motivating and empowering others. These are all traits that will support professional development and pave the way for future managerial and leadership roles. Contact: Jocelyne Isabelle at 867-668-2636.

Community Development Fund Tier 2 April 15, 2019 Intake Approved Projects – $735,362

Klondike Active Transport and Trails Society – $22,796 – To purchase three pieces of equipment for grooming and setting cross-country ski trails at the Moose Mountain and Steamboat Slough ski sites. Well-groomed trails provide opportunities for residents and visitors to engage in healthy, active living and contribute to the overall well-being of the community. The equipment will allow volunteers to set quality trails and expand the existing trail network. Contact: Cathie Findlay-Brook at 867-993-2773.

Yukon First Nations Culture and Tourism Association – $75,000 – To develop an online booking platform called Authentic Indigenous Moments™, which will connect tourists directly with Yukon First Nations cultural entrepreneurs and guides through a website. This will increase tourist visits, create economic development opportunities, and revive culture and education. The project will create 385 hours of employment for five people. Contact: Caili Steel at 867-667-7698.

CHON-FM/Northern Native Broadcasting Yukon – $75,000 – To partner with Aboriginal Peoples Television Network and assist with the project management of Indigenous Day Live on June 22 in Whitehorse. This major live broadcast event is Canada’s largest celebration in honour of Indigenous Day and a unique opportunity to showcase Yukon, the City of Whitehorse, local Indigenous artists and the community. The project will create 11,025 hours of employment for 175 people. Contact: Morris Prokop at 867-668-6629.

Yukon Comic Culture Society – $18,714 – To organize a unique weekend event and market that brings together geek culture enthusiasts and vendors over the Labour Day weekend. The Geek-End Event and Market project offers recreational, craft, educational and networking activities. Weekend workshops are designed to introduce people of all ages to new and exciting hobbies and skills such as comic book design, wand making, dragon egg design, spell book or journal creation and role-playing. A series of panels will be held on a variety of topics such as comics, Japanese animation, books and cosplay. Contact: James McDonald at 867-334-6163.

Klondike Development Organization – $40,200 – To remediate and enhance the Midnight Dome, which is a popular recreation and visitor attraction site. The project entails the removal of decaying wooden structures, modest landscaping, trail building, stonework and parking modifications in order to improve this attraction’s beauty and functionality. Site improvements will contribute to Dawson City’s excellent overall tourism offer, and enhance community recreation and well-being. The project will create 600 hours of employment for six people. Contact: Evelyn Pollock at 867-993-4431.

Deisleen Development Corporation – $21,123 – To restore the kiosk and boardwalk at the highway pullout south of Teslin. The kiosk houses information about the Teslin area, local attractions and business services offered in the community. It is a welcoming stop along the highway, providing visitors with a panoramic view of the village and surrounding area. The project will create 360 hours of employment for five people. Contact: Deborah Dupont at 867-390-2310.

Guild Society – $22,601 – To upgrade and improve the Guild Hall’s energy efficiency, which will reduce energy consumption, heating costs and carbon footprint. These upgrades are also expected to improve the comfort of the staff, tenants, performers, audiences and user groups. The Guild Hall is well used and considered to be a vital hub of the community. Contact: Brandon Wicke at 867-633-3550.

Whitehorse Firefighters Charitable Society – $53,260 – To purchase an efficient textile baler to help divert 150,000 pounds of reusable clothing from Yukon’s landfill to an established market in British Columbia. This social enterprise created by Raven Recycling and Whitehorse Firefighters Charitable Society will increase the amount of reusable clothing diverted from the landfill and create the biggest textile diversion program in the territory, drastically reducing the amount of landfill waste. Contact: Nicholas O’Carroll at 867-333-0931.

Whitehorse 2020 Arctic Winter Games Host Society – $75,000 – To produce an intergenerational, intercultural and international 15-minute documentary film to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Arctic Winter Games. The film will be an intimate visual exploration of the rich history of the Games told through the voices of those who experienced it first-hand. This legacy project aims to recognize and honour the founders, volunteers, athletes and community members who have participated over the past 50 years. Contact: Moira Lassen at 867-393-2020.

Friends of Mount Sima Society – $40,000 – To hire a consultant to develop an asset management strategy. Investments in improving the overall efficiency and sustainability of operations will continue to benefit the community and its visitors by providing a high-quality community facility used year-round. Mount Sima is an important recreational facility that provides social and economic benefits for the community. The project will create 108 hours of employment for up to five people. Contact: Corey Bradbury at 867-334-1493.

Boys and Girls Club of Yukon – $42,695 – To host the 7th national Canadian Adventure Therapy Symposium which is intended to connect youth to self, land and community through intergenerational perspectives on the land in the spirit of reconciliation. This conference is an opportunity to discuss the ways in which nature supports all aspects of life, and will offer intergenerational learning, youth empowerment, best practices and the promotion of health and wellbeing. The project will create 1,000 hours of employment for up to 25 people. Contact: Lindsay Cornell at 867-393-2824.

Volunteer Bénévoles Yukon – $30,000 – To investigate the feasibility of creating a hub for Yukon non-governmental organizations to provide shared services, facilitate collaborations and improve their sustainability. These organizations deliver an expansive range of services and supports to residents, and a hub where knowledge, expertise and resources is shared could result in significant improvements to service delivery, particularly from non-governmental organizations operating in rural and remote communities. A feasibility study is a necessary step to determine needs, level of interest, opportunities and operational models. Contact: Bruno Bourdache at 867-456-4304.

Dawson Society for Children and Families – $72,438 – To build a safe, engaging and improved outdoor play area for children attending Little Blue Daycare in Dawson City. An age-appropriate, safe and diverse play structure and landscaped play area will foster physical activity in a fun and safe environment, and increase programming, recreation and active living opportunities for children. The benefits of play and recreation are numerous, and are significant to a child’s development. Contact: Courtney Jackson-Decelle at 867-993-5167.

Champagne and Aishihik First Nations – $57,500 – To implement a nine-month pilot project to develop a Dän K’e (our way) model of health and well-being based on Indigenous community-based research methodology. This model has been a significant priority for the citizens of Champagne and Aishihik First Nations, and will ensure a holistic approach that puts citizens first and delivery that supports efforts to rebuild the government while providing guidance for traditional-based systems, programing and policies grounded in Dän K’e. The project will create 2,630 hours of employment for up to 52 people. Contact: Diane Strand at 867-634-4200.

däna Näye Ventures – $33,724 – To implement the Youth Learning Entrepreneurial Abilities and Possibilities workshops for youth throughout the territory. Topics explored include readiness for business, market opportunities, business regulations, financial awareness and business planning. With job opportunities limited in outlying Yukon communities, the project aims to inspire a vision for youth to pursue entrepreneurship, which would be an economic benefit for their communities. Providing workshops and inspirational presentations on business-related training will provide tools and knowledge for youth to understand the process in order to pursue their career goals. Contact: Donna Moore at 867-668-6925.

Watson Lake Riding Association – $55,311 – To construct and enhance infrastructure on the grounds of the Watson Lake equestrian facility. New siding will be installed on the 10-stall barn and a shed will be built to store hay bales. The Watson Lake Riding Association promotes youth development and healthy lifestyles, equine and equestrian education, and manages the operations, maintenance and development of the outdoor recreation facility known as “the grounds”. This facility is the only outdoor facility in Watson Lake for children, youth and adults with an interest in equestrian sport and related activities. This facility also hosts community events year-round, which helps strengthen social and community well-being. Contact: Sonia P-Laukkanen at 867-536-5105.


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