Why this Ontario rapper says colon cancer screening should start at age 30, not 50 – CBC

Bishop Brigante’s symptoms started when he was in his early 40s, and were misdiagnosed as hemorrhoids or IBS

Mar 26, 2024

A Hamilton, Ont., musician and actor who is fighting fourth-stage colon cancer is calling on his provincial government to lower the minimum age for colonoscopy screening from 50 to 30.

Bishop Brigante, a rapper with hits like his 2017 single Hard Times and an actor with turns on shows like Orphan Black, was diagnosed with colon cancer in October 2023.

But it was two years earlier when, in his early 40s, he first started seeking care for stomach pain, diarrhea and blood in his stool.

“My doctors would say, ‘That’s hemorrhoids.’ They told me that I had irritable bowel syndrome, which at that time I was told, ‘You just gotta kind of work on your diet, fix the food you eat’ and stuff like that,” he told Dr. Brian Goldman, host of CBC Radio’s White Coat, Black Art.

By the time Brigante pushed for and eventually received a colonoscopy, followed by MRI and CT scans, he had an eight-centimetre tumour that had penetrated the wall of his rectum and spread to other places like his liver and lungs.

Read more: https://www.cbc.ca/radio/whitecoat/colon-cancer-screening-1.7151051

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