What the colour of urine tells you about your health – CTV

March 1, 2024

As a urologist, I’ve learned to read the subtle signs in urine that can speak volumes about our well-being. It’s not just about frequency or urgency; it’s also about understanding the colour, clarity and odour of urine to unlock health insights.

The many colours of urine
Urine varies in colour from pale yellow to deep amber, primarily due to urochrome, a byproduct of the normal breakdown of red blood cells. As these cells age, they are broken down, and urochrome is made, which is then filtered by the kidneys and gives urine its colour. The intensity of this colour is a direct reflection of your hydration levels. The more hydrated you are, the lighter your urine.

What colour is healthy urine?
Ideally, urine should be clear enough to read a book or text through (but there is no need to test my example). Yet it’s essential to find a balance.

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