The vaccine procrastinators: Why some 20- to 29-year-olds aren’t in a rush to get the jab – CBC

Experts look at ways to combat vaccine hesitancy within the age group

Aug 23, 2021

Ashley Giesbrecht says she’ll likely only get the COVID-19 vaccine if she’s forced to for travel. Luke Hodgson is waiting for a consensus on which vaccine is best. And Josie Bajara knows she needs to get it so she doesn’t spread the virus, but hasn’t got around to it — yet.

All three have one thing in common. They’re all Albertans in their 20s, the age range that has far more cases than any other as the province’s COVID-19 case counts surge once again. And yet that age range is least likely to have the jab — for reasons that might come as a surprise, raising unique challenges for those trying to combat vaccine hesitancy.

Unlike some older folks who haven’t yet been vaccinated, many of these “Zennials” or “Zillenials”— as those on the cusp of the Millennial and Generation Z generations have dubbed themselves — say it’s not that they’re anti-vaxxers. They’re not afraid of some huge government conspiracy. They’re not necessarily terrified of getting the shot.

They’re just, you know, taking their time. Got other things to do. Not sure why it matters. Or, OK, maybe procrastinating just a tad.

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