The N.L. government has been downplaying COVID-19 deaths for months – CBC

In 2023, pandemic dashboard has announced 26 ‘new’ deaths, but the real number is 44 — 69% higher

Apr 24, 2023

On the afternoon of March 29, using what it calls the COVID-19 information dashboard, Newfoundland and Labrador’s Public Health division proclaimed no one had died from COVID-19 in the most recent reporting period.

The update came as a large zero, prominently displayed under the heading “New Deaths” on one side of the dashboard.

Anyone who wanted to know the total death count could add up the numbers in the graphs on the other side of the screen — breakdowns of deaths by age and region — and come to a total of 339.

But that number was six people more — not zero — than the dashboard had totalled the day before.

Public Health had quietly changed the numbers. But in order to figure that out, anyone adding up the totals would need to have tallied the numbers from before the change — and kept them, because the old numbers were no longer available online.

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