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Good day, health literacy friends. It is almost the end of summer and so I thought I would give you something to think about for early September.

Gambling awareness DVD

We’ve just released a DVD on gambling awareness, based on our sold out comic, On the Turn. The story is about a young woman that experiences peer pressure at school, and in order to fit in, starts to play Texas Hold’em. Things get a little out of hand and people get hurt. Feel free to request a clip of the short or low res pdf of the old comic book.Physical activity / gang prevention comic book
We will be releasing our new physical activity / gang prevention comic book early October. It’s about a young man that grows tired of the gang lifestyle, gets rolled out and turns to his community as his new support system. You can check out the rough focus group short at

Anxiety / child & youth mental health

We’ve still got copies of Just a Story in stock. It’s about Wendy, who doesn’t have any friends her age and feels overwhelmed at school. Her little brother is more social but he’s quick to lose his temper and get into fights. Something is clearly bothering them both. Luckily they’re open to getting help and breaking down the stigma of mental health.

Dropping out / staying in school

We’ve only got about 1,000 copies left of Level Up. In it, Terry is contemplating dropping out of school. But before he does, he’s asked to spend some time with his cousin Dave, a successful game developer. Rather than lecture Terry, Dave makes the importance of school relatable – he compares education to moving up a level in a video game.

Please send an email if you’re interested in previewing a low res PDF of any of our comic books. And feel free to pass this email on to anyone who might be interested. Pricing for the single issues can be found at All of our comics cost the same.

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