The Daily Friday, September 24, 2021

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Canadian Social Survey: COVID-19 and well-being

From April to June 2021, one-quarter of Canadians reported experiencing high levels of stress most days, and nearly half of Canadians considered their stress levels worse than prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost one in five Canadians aged 25 to 44 reported that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they wanted to postpone their childbearing plans.

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Portrait of Canadian Society: Perceptions of life during the pandemic

In April 2021, 48% of Canadians aged 15 years and older reported excellent or very good mental health, compared with 54% at the start of the pandemic. Furthermore, the proportion of Canadians who reported excellent or very good health declined from 69% at the beginning of the pandemic to 58% in April 2021. On a scale of 0 to 10, Canadians’ average life satisfaction was 7.02, compared with 8.09 in 2018.

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Dairy statistics, July 2021

The total amount of milk sold off farms in July increased 2.4% year over year to 806 637 kilolitres. Meanwhile, milk sold off farms for fluid purposes decreased 8.0% to 208 441 kilolitres. Milk sold off farms for industrial purposes rose 6.6% year over year to 598 196 kilolitres.

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Oilseed crushing statistics, August 2021

Oilseed processors crushed 661 968 tonnes of canola in August. Oil production totalled 287 295 tonnes, while meal production totalled 382 007 tonnes.

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Milled wheat and wheat flour produced, August 2021

Millers milled 265 955 tonnes of wheat in August, while wheat flour production totalled 197 916 tonnes.

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Deliveries of major grains, August 2021

Data on major grain deliveries are now available for August.

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Production and disposition of tobacco products, August 2021

Canadian manufacturers produced 0.9 billion cigarettes in August, down 16.4% from July 2021. Cigarette production was 37.1% lower compared with August 2020.

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Real-time local business conditions, September 13 to 19, 2021

Weekly data on real-time local business conditions are now available for September 13 to 19, 2021.

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