Sublingual vaccine for urinary tract infections is awaiting approval by Health Canada – CTV

March 8, 2023

Canadians who experience chronic urinary tract infections may soon have another option than antibiotics — a vaccine is awaiting approval by Health Canada.

Urinary tract infections, known as UTIs, are one of the most common infections across the globe.

They cause extreme discomfort in patients, and require antibiotics in order to clear the infection. Dr. Marla Shapiro, CTV’s medical contributor, explained the two main symptoms to CTV News Channel on Friday.

“The hallmark really is that urgency, that you’ve gotta get to the washroom in time,” she said. “There can be burning either initiating the urination or at the end of it.”

There might also be blood in the urine, or it could be cloudy, and often the odour of the urine will have changed. Some sufferers of UTIs have even reported pelvic pain.

“But it’s usually that razorblade burning that women talk about,” Shapiro said.

“Because it’s so common, the idea of finding a vaccine is particularly appealing.”

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