Second antipoverty roundtable held in Inuvik

Inuvik (October 5, 2012) – Building on the success of the June 2012 roundtable, the second antipoverty roundtable was held this week in Inuvik to further shape the Antipoverty Strategy.  This strategy is a partnership between the Government of the Northwest Territories and Aboriginal governments, business, industry, non-profit and nongovernmental organizations.

At the roundtable in Inuvik this week, Minister Glen Abernethy and Alfred Moses, MLA Boot Lake, welcomed the group and acknowledged the importance of their work. Participants continued work on the foundation of the strategy, including the goals and actions that will make a difference in the lives of people who most need support.  They discussed topics such as increasing affordable housing; providing supports to children, youth and families; and contributing to sustainable communities. The participants also focused on ways services can be integrated and seamless along a continuum that both prevents poverty and increases opportunities for self-sufficiency among those already living in poverty.

“Poverty is complex and requires a wide array of perspectives in order to address the challenges,” said Gloria Iatridis, Associate Deputy Minister of Education, Culture and Employment and Chair of the Poverty-Free NWT Steering Committee. “By having a collaborative process and involving various stakeholders, we allow for those different views and ideas. Our biggest challenge is to narrow down the priorities.”

“It is encouraging to see the commitment and goodwill around the table in this collaborative process,” said Julie Green, a steering committee member representing the No Place for Poverty Alliance.  “Regardless of the role and expertise of everyone at the table, each is passionate about addressing poverty and making life better for everyone in the NWT.”

There will be opportunities for public input into the draft strategy later this fall and winter.  In the meantime, people are encouraged to contribute their ideas through a new Poverty-Free NWT Facebook page or by email to [email protected].


Jacqueline McKinnon
Manager, Public Affairs
Department of Education, Culture and Employment
Government of the Northwest Territories
P:  867.920.6222
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Poverty Free NWT Roundtable Participants – Inuvik, October 1-3, 2012

  • Aggie Brockman, Alternatives North
  • Annemieke Mulders, Status of Women Council of the NWT
  • Bob Simpson, Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
  • Caroline Yukon, Sahtu Dene Council
  • Christine King, Student, person who experienced living in poverty
  • Darlene Brown, Service Canada
  • Franklin Carpenter, NWT Housing Corporation
  • Garry Hubert, Yellowknife Side Door Youth Centre
  • Gloria Iatridis, GNWT – Education, Culture and Employment
  • Helen Balanoff, NWT Literacy Council
  • Ian Legaree, GNWT – Municipal and Community Affairs
  • Ioan Astle, GNWT – NWT Housing Corporation
  • Janet Grinsted, GNWT – Education, Culture and Employment
  • John Colford, GNWT – Industry, Tourism and Investment
  • Julie Green, No Place for Poverty Alliance
  • Kathryn Walker, GNWT – Education, Culture and Employment
  • MaryLou Cherwaty, Northern Territories Federation of Labour
  • Mike Kalnay, GNWT – Executive
  • Natasha Harris, GNWT – Education, Culture and Employment
  • Peggy Day, Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
  • Rai Brown, GNWT – Health and Social Services
  • Rebecca Latour, GNWT – Justice
  • Richard Anthony, NWT Disabilities Council
  • Susan Ross, Gwich’in Tribal Council
  • Clarence Wood, NWT Association of Communities
  • Newton Grey, Inuvik Chamber of Commerce

Facilitator – Barb Curtis, GNWT – Education, Culture and Employment
Coordinator – Mike Argue, GNWT – Education, Culture and Employment


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