Sandy Lake “Standing Together For Cancer”

A group from the Sandy Lake Health Authority, who sees first-hand the lack of support for cancer patients, has initiated a one-time fundraising drive.

On Thursday, May 29th, 27 Sandy Lake residents will shave their heads to show their support for those afflicted by cancer.“We see so many families struggling”, says Marie-Elaine Delvin, Sandy Lake’s Nurse-In-Charge. “We wanted to take action by doing this”.

Many cancer patients are not approved an escort when they travel outside of the community to receive health care and not all medications are covered by Non-Insured Health Benefits.

The soon-to-be bald participants, which include the initial group from the Sandy Lake Health Authority of Marie-Elaine Delvin, Clovis Meekis, Danielle Rae, Connie Kakegamic, Darlene Kakegamic, and Mick Decoene as well as Chief Adam Fiddler and Councillors Joe Kakegamic and Frankie Crowe have been busy collecting pledges on the radio.

“It’s not only about the money, but it will help”, says Chief Adam Fiddler referring to travel costs and other health-related expenses. “You are not alone in this, we are here for you”.

“There has been an overwhelming response from the people who are giving money and the people who have decided to take part in the head shaving”, says Councillor Joe Kakegamic who has raised close to $2,000.00 in pledges.

All the money raised will be kept in the community to assist cancer patients with food supplements, prescription costs and travel-related expenses.

The head-shaving will start at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday outside the band office followed by a candlelight vigil in honor of loved ones who have fought against cancer. Other events planned include a bonfire, karaoke singing and a silent auction.

Here is the complete list of participants who will be shaving their heads on Thursday:

Marie-Elaine Delvin
Mick Decoene
Darlene Kakegamic
Connie Kakegamic
Danielle Rae and family
Clovis Meekis
Marilyn Kakegamic
Gladys Crow
Elton Crow
Aflreda Linklater
Adam Fiddler
Joe Kakegamic
Dania Mawakeesic
Madeline Kakegamic
Thomas Fiddler
Kennedy Fiddler
Roderick Linklater
Rodney (Japin) Rae
Dorothy Kakegamic
Frankie Crowe
Nikki Kakegamic
Jessie Meekis
Peter Loonfoot
Shantie Kakegamic
Ryan Boggs
Bernie Crowe
Calvin Sawanas

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