RFP: Tools For Monitoring And Evaluation Of The Inuit Health Survey

Request for Proposal (RFP): Tools for Monitoring and Evaluation of the Inuit Health Survey
January 2019

I. Organizational Background

Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK) is a federally incorporated registered charitable organization representing and promoting the interests of over 65,000 Inuit in Canada on a wide variety of environmental, social, cultural, and political issues and challenges on the national level. ITK works on behalf of Inuit who live primarily in the four regions of Inuit Nunangat, the Inuit Homeland: Inuvialuit Settlement Region (Northwest Territories), Nunavut, Nunavik (northern Québec), and Nunatsiavut (northern Labrador), as well as Inuit located in urban centres such as Ottawa, Montreal and Edmonton.

ITK represents the rights and interests of Inuit at the national level through a democratic governance structure that represents all Inuit regions. ITK advocates for policies, programs and services that impact the health, social, cultural, political and environmental issues facing Inuit today.

ITK is governed by a Board of Directors that is composed of the following members:

  • President, Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC)
  • President, Makivik Corporation
  • President, Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. (NTI)
  • President, Nunatsiavut Government

In addition to voting members, the following non-voting Permanent Participant Representatives also sit on the Board:

  • President, Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) Canada
  • President, Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada
  • President, National Inuit Youth Council

II. The Inuit Health Survey

Budget 2018 announced $82 million over 10 years, with $6 million per year ongoing for the co-creation of a permanent Inuit Health Survey (IHS). Funding will build capacity in Inuit communities to develop and collect survey information and support Inuit self-determination in setting the research agenda in regions and communities. The survey will be Inuit-determined and co-created through partnerships based on self-determination, respect, and transparency, as outlined in the National Inuit Strategy on Research.

The National Inuit Health Survey Working Group (NIHSWG), in partnership with IHS Steering Committees in each of the four Inuit regions, is leading all stages of IHS development, implementation and reporting. The NIHSWG is a sub-committee of the National Inuit Committee on Health (NICoH), which reports to the ITK Board of Directors.

The NIHSWG is currently seeking support for the development of a logic model for the IHS as well as tools for monitoring progress against the survey’s overall goals, principles and objectives. Regular monitoring of the IHS will allow the NIHSWG to track survey activities, make needed course corrections, and will be used to inform separate third-party evaluations that will take place at key points in the survey cycle.

III. Summary of Request for Proposal

We are inviting proposals to work with the NIHSWG as well as IHS Steering Committees in each of the four Inuit regions to develop tools for the monitoring and evaluation of the IHS. Through this RFP, we are seeking experienced evaluation specialists who can provide sound direction and capacity development for the monitoring and evaluation of the IHS. We will assess the RFP based on the following criteria (please include in your proposal):

·         Qualifications of the applicant, including past experience, interest and a proven track record on developing and implementing monitoring and evaluation plans for complex, large scale projects, including survey projects.

·         Project description, outlining a sound, comprehensive approach to developing monitoring and evaluation tools for a complex health survey that will be carried out in each region at regular intervals.

  • Description of a capacity development approach to monitoring and evaluation, where the applicant would work with the NIHSWG and Inuit Regions to develop internal monitoring capacity, which could be used throughout the IHS process and for other Inuit-led programs.
  • Achievable milestones.
  • Budget and budget justification that fit with project descriptions and milestones.
  • The ability to work in partnership with Inuit organizations.

We anticipate that the work required for this project will start in April 2019 and end March 31, 2020.

IV. Scope of Work Requirements

In partnership with the NIHSWG and IHS Steering Committees in each of the four Inuit Regions, the successful applicant will be required to undertake the following work:

·         Develop a plan for monitoring and evaluating all stages of the IHS, including development, implementation and reporting.

·         Develop a logic model with the NIHSWG for monitoring and evaluating the processes and outcomes associated with the IHS. The logic model will be used to:

1.       Monitor progress against the survey’s overall goals, principles and objectives

2.       Inform separate third party evaluations that will take place at key points in the survey cycle

·         Develop a suite of monitoring tools that can be used by the NIHSWG, ITK and regional staff to monitor the development and implementation of the IHS, including but not limited to tools to monitor:

1.       Content development consultations

2.       Training activities

3.       Data collection activities

4.       Finances and budgets

5.       Supplies and equipment

6.       Dissemination and use of survey results

7.       Inuit self-determination in the survey process

·         Implement a capacity development approach to ensure that the NIHSWG, ITK and regional staff will be able to continuously monitor progress throughout the IHS process.

Budget: Up to $150,000 for completion of the tasks outlined above. Value for money will be a key consideration in assessing the proposals.

Submission Deadline: February 15, 2019

If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact:

Stephanie McDonald, Sr. Policy Advisor

613.238.8181 x.275


RFP: Tools for Monitoring and Evaluation of the Inuit Health Survey


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