Premiers Remain United in their Commitment to a Better Long-Term Federal Health Funding Deal for Canadians

18 January 2017

Premiers Remain United in their Commitment to a Better Long-Term Federal Health Funding Deal for Canadians

Premiers released the following statement related to federal health funding:

Ask any Canadian and they’ll tell you that having access to high quality health care is one of the most important things about being a Canadian. Canadians across the country rely on their health care systems to be there for them when they need it. Provinces and territories are committed to providing sustainable, modern and innovative health care systems that make patients and their families their highest priority. We agree that further supporting mental health and home care will help to sustain health care systems. But to secure the future of health care for all Canadians, provinces and territories need a fully engaged and genuine federal partner.

The federal government’s share of health spending has been declining over time, and the current proposal will see that share drop even further over the next 10 years. Available independent research confirms what provinces and territories already know: that the latest federal funding proposal falls short of what is required to maintain sustainable health care systems across the country.

Premiers remain united and determined in seeking a multilateral agreement. Premiers also recognize that provinces and territories face unique local circumstances, which led some of them to sign bilateral health agreements. However, Premiers representing 90 per cent of Canada’s population continue to seek a fair deal for long-term health funding from the federal government. A new multilateral agreement will ensure that any additional federal financial contributions support health services for all jurisdictions.

Today, Premiers agreed that they remain committed to continuing to work with the federal government on a collaborative, evidence-based solution that supports the well-being of Canadian patients and their families. We believe the future of our health care systems will benefit from continued fair and constructive discussion, and we will continue to call for a meeting with the Prime Minister to advance this vital priority before the upcoming federal budget.


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