Please stop asking me where I got COVID – CBC

There is stigma attached to the way we talk about this virus

Apr 11, 2022

When my dog looked at me with pleading eyes and a whine, I reluctantly grabbed her leash and made it downstairs. I knew I was too exhausted to walk Estelle long enough to tire her out but a grassy fenced area in my condo complex caught my eye on that cold February day. I looked at my dog and we agreed: to hell with it.

Soon it was my dog leaping into the air and me expending zero energy in one spot in an endless loop of fetch. It was glorious until a neighbour hollered at me to get out.

That’s when I started oversharing with strangers: “I had COVID and I’m really struggling with fatigue right now.”

My neighbour was more interested in bylaw enforcement than sympathy, but that didn’t deter me from giving it a go with others. Since then, I’ve had a lot of practice because three months after a breakthrough COVID infection that left me bedridden for weeks, I’m still managing debilitating fatigue.

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