Materials now posted online from the Critical Connections Symposium

The Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies in partnership with the Violence Against Women sector, Children’s Aid Societies, the Ontario Coroner’s Office, Child Welfare Secretariat and the Ontario Women’s Directorate invites you and your colleagues to share your knowledge and experience. The Critical Connections Symposium aims to promote increased awareness of the impact of woman abuse as it relates to the safety and well being of children and families; build and showcase collaborative programs and identify trends, new programs and research. This event will feature internationally recognized keynote speakers, highlight collaborative programs in Ontario and launch an “ideas and practice guide” for service providers.Materials Presented

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Keynote Presentation
The implications of current research and policy on practice with children exposed to domestic violence
Speaker: Jeffrey Edleson

Workshop A – 2 Presentations:
Une collaboration prometteuse dans le nord de l’Ontario (A Promising Collaboration in Northern Ontario)
Safer Families: A program for families impacted by woman abuse that serves all members of the family through innovative partnership

Workshop B – Children’s Programs – 3 Presentations:
Child Witness Program
Supporting kids exposed to domestic violence
An evaluation of a community group program for children exposed to woman abuse

Workshop C
Connections: A group intervention to support substance-involved mothers and protect infants and young children at-risk

Workshop D – Collaborative Programs – 2 Presentations:
The Critical Connection: Preliminary findings of a collaborative initiative between Gillian’s Place and Family and Children’s Services Niagara
CAS/VAW integrated services project of Ottawa

Workshop E
Parenting By Men Who Batter
Speaker: Jeffrey Edleson

Workshop F
The DRDV Project: Differential Response in cases of domestic violence in child welfare services
Speaker: Ramona Alaggia

Angel’s story: Post-colonial Aboriginal child welfare in practice
Minwaashin Lodge – Aboriginal Women’s Support Centre and The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa

Workshop G
Understanding violence against women and children: the need for a gendered analysis
Speaker: Walter DeKeseredy

Workshop H – Collaborative Programs – 3 Presentations:
Family and Children’s Services – Police Services Domestic Assault Integration
Michelle Campigotto, F.C.S. & George Warren, Pembroke Police
Helping Together through co-location: the Family Violence Project of Waterloo Region shares its experience
Caring Families Program/Differential Response Program

Workshop I – Men’s Programs – 3 Presentations:
Dad’s Connections: A group for fathers involved in domestic violence
Fathering After Violence: The “Mindful Fathering” Treatment program
The Dad Dilemma: Chase men away or engage them to change

Workshop J
Creating inter-sectoral services for abused women with concurrent mental health and addictions issues who are involved with child protection services

Workshop K
An ethno-cultural and racial perspective on woman abuse

Workshop L (French only)
Les enfants exposés à la violence conjugale: comment aider leur mère (Children exposed to family violence: how to help their mother)

Workshop M
Mother’s in Mind: A relationship-based intervention program for abused women Involved with child protection services and their young children

Workshop N
What we know about IPV among immigrant women in Canada
Speaker: Robin Mason

Workshop O
Neighbours, Friends and Families: Making connections to raise awareness and understanding of violence against women and children

Workshop P
What can we learn from child victims of domestic violence homicide?

Workshop Q (French Only)
L’Équipe d’évaluation et de réduction du risque de Prescott-Russell (ÉÉRR de PR) (The Prescott-Russell Risk Assessment and Reduction Team (PR RART))

Workshop R
Partners for Healthy Relationships: A collaborative program between Family and Children’s Services of Waterloo Region and the John Howard Society of Waterloo-Wellington

Workshop S
Why domestic violence is relevant in custody disputes and the implications for decision makers
Speaker: Linda Baker

Workshop T
Hidden from Sight: A look at the prevalence of violence against women In Ottawa- A new community research model

Addressing the safety needs of children and women impacted by domestic violence: A delicate balance?
Speaker: Leslie Tutty

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