Local Director

Status Permanent: Full Time
Salary Class 41: Min. $91,523 – Max $118,980



Reporting to the Regional Proximity Director Miyupimaatisiiun Mistissini Pole, the incumbent ensures the organization’s primary vocation of programs and services by planning, implementing and evaluating primary care, front line services, and chronic disease services to achieve integrated and complementary services in her/his Community Miyupimaatissiiun Center (CMC) in a timely manner.

She/he collaborates with the Chief and Council, Band leadership and community representatives, the Miyupimaatisiiun Committee and all concerned partners of the community to achieve shared objectives regarding the Miyupimaatisiiun of the population in her/his community. The incumbent also collaborates with partners of regional facilities (Hospital, Women Shelters, Birthing Homes, Rehabilitation Centers, Elder’s Home), in the integration of current services with other services provided through the CMC, and contributes to the quality of experience for users receiving specialized services off-site; the Pimuhteheu, Public Health, Nishiiyuu and Wiichihiituwin departments; this is achieved in respect of the functional, legal or professional responsibilities of the Directors of Professional Services and Quality Assurance – Health, Psycho-Social, Medical, and Allied Health.

She/he ensures the line management of the human, material, financial and information resources of the wide range of services and programs structured by population age groups within the CMC under her/his jurisdiction: Awash, Uschiniichisuu, and Chishaayiyuu and Current Services, supporting the Strategic Regional Plan (SRP) and its principles of Miyupimaatisiiun, community-centeredness, and program design for a seamless and integrated circle of care.

• Ensures the management operational access, leadership, accountability, planning, organization, coordination and reporting, of the CMC.
• Ensures the implementation, supervision, control, performance, quality assurance and reporting, of the primary care, front line services, chronic disease management resources services and programs and interventions within her/his community, made accessible in a timely manner, ensuring adequate resources in place on a daily basis.
• Participates in the development and ensures the implementation of initiatives, such as new MSSS programs and pilot or special projects, to improve the health and wellbeing of the Cree population.
• Collaborates in the preparation of policies and procedures pertaining to primary care resources management within her/his community.
• Facilitates meetings and discussions on topics related to her/his areas of responsibility.
• Contributes to the planning, development and evaluation, and ensures implementation includes measures to support cultural safety and for control and evaluation within her/his community and specialized services off-site according to the CBHSSJB’s clientele approach.
• Ensures financial reporting to demonstrate accountability to funding sources in link with key performance indicators within her/his community.

Education and experience
• Bachelor degree in administration or Bachelor degree in health care or social services with a certificate in administration;
• Four (4) years’ experience in supervision or administration in a social service or rehabilitation environment.

• An equivalent of seven (7) to ten (10) years’ experience in management.

Knowledge and abilities
• Extensive knowledge of Nishiiyuu Miyupimaatisiiun (traditional methods) healing practices;
• Good knowledge of the MSSS and Quebec Healthcare programs, laws, regulations, the RUIS Network, orientations and trends especially for integration of traditional methods of healing into public health surveillance, protection, promotion and prevention;
• Good knowledge of public health current issues and trends, and program planning and supervision, including the development of policies and programs, and quality assurance systems;
• Good record at an appropriate level of healthcare or programming management;
• A good record in human, financial, and information resources management is an asset;
• Ability to apply Eeyou/Eenou (Cree) culture, values, traditions and teachings into programs and services;
• Ability to both manage the planning and development of new programs, and the maintenance and quality assurance of existing programs;
• Excellent interpersonal communication, leadership and respectful teamwork skills.

• Fluent in Cree and English;
• Fluency in French is an asset.

• Willing to travel.

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