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March 9, 2024
One year ago, I was asked to do a keynote for the Chiefs of Ontario Health Conference. I covered a lot of ground, somewhat nervously because the message I was delivering was a personal challenge to everyone in the room. The most concerning response I received was a statement from a community member who said, “What I need is a strategy” because “80 per cent of the people in my community are addicted to Opioids!” Clearly, I had failed to deliver what I believed to be a very important answer. So, I’m going to try again, with the understanding that it is likely not what people want to hear. It’s not even what I wanted to hear, but I have had to learn and accept the challenge for change, too.

We all hope for a quick solution, a way out of pain or confusion, and we look for things that not only sound sensible, but puts the hard work, and sometimes blame, where we believe it belongs, somewhere else.

I spoke to the excessive sugars and ultra-processed foods in our diets, and their contribution to increasing systemic diseases and health problems; physical, mental, and emotional. To the need for a return to even a semi-traditional diet and to growing our own gardens, as our grandparents did. A return to whole foods, which are necessary to create and sustain wholistic health. I spoke to the many people in our communities returning to those teachings and reconstructing their understandings of medicinal herbs, foods, and natural remedies, and removing things like sugared sodas from their diets. We know even that one step, removing Pepsi and Coca-Cola from your diet creates rebalancing in blood sugars and weight levels. We can do this; this is one step forward in our mutual strategy.

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