IPACC Health and Fitness 2019 Challenge

Jan 30, 2019

IPACC is promoting the Health and Fitness Challenge starting Febraury 18th, 2019. Registered participants in the Challenge will be competing independently and this is open to all people across the nation. The main purpose of this challenge is to motivate you with your fitness and health goals and create a partner, IPACC, who you may be accountable to.

Awards and cash prizes for the Biggest Improvements and runners up. The total amount of registrations will be divided in half and will be distributd to the winners. There will a panel of reviewers to assess the awards as outlined in the guidelines below. The other 50% will be used for scholarships for individuals to attend the National Indigenous Physical Activity & Wellness Conference.

The more people we get involved in this challenge the larger the cash prize will be so invite your friends!

IPACC feels this challenge is great for igniting exercise and healthy lifestyle goals. This will be fun for all involved and an opportunity to focus on physical fitness, healthy lifestyles and the promotion of wellness.

On-line support and tips from IPACC will be provded on our private Facebook group: Health & Fitness 2019 Challenge. This group is for memebers only and will be a place to ask questions, share with each other and cheer each other on. You can find the group at this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1636570386488891/about/

Please email indigenouspacc@gmail.com for more information.



Thank you for participating in the IPACC Health and Fitness 2019 Challenge! Your commitment to improving your fitness and health will have a positive impact on our community and your family. Please join our Facebook page at:


There will be two reports required for this Challenge, a monthly report and weekly report. For the monthly report, measurements will be taken for height, weight, circumference of waist, hips, right thigh, right arm and chest, and body mass index (can be calculated on trusty site on the internet). For the weekly reports there will be a place to document the numbers of times per week you are active, and the duration of the physical activity. The weekly reports will monitor intake of desert, pop, or coffee, and screen time. As well, included in the weekly report will be your number of meals, protein, and calcium containing foods, and water intake, which will provide IPACC with information on improvements in your dietary habits. Finally, a report on your hours of sleep will be included. Once you are registered the reports will be e-mailed to you.

Below is information is a set of guidelines and rules to follow for this challenge:

General Guidelines & Rules

Health Professional Partnerships: Talk with your doctor by phone or in person BEFORE you start becoming much more physically active or BEFORE you change your daily intake or diet. It is important that your new health and fitness routine that you choose to follow is developed by a health professional.
Confidentiality: No one’s person information will be shared with any other individual and all information will only be reviewed by the peer review panel. All information related to awards will request consent to release name and quote on award day.
Eligibility: This challenge is open to Indigenous and non-Indigenousl people of all ages. For people under the age of 19 years old, please request forms that require a parent or guardian’s approval and signature.
Reports: Upon entry to this competition you will be sent the Weekly Report form and a monthly record form to fill out. All reports need to be turned in on April 15th, 2019.
The Weekly Report form is to be filled out on a weekly basis and contains questions about water and food consumption, exercise etc. Keeping track of these things can help motivate you to eat and live healthier.
The Monthly Record form is to be filled out 3 times during this challenge, on the first day of the challenge, halfway through and on the last day of the challenge. This form must be filled out, signed and a scanned copy must be sent to us for record evaluation.
Weigh-ins and measurements are to be done on your own 3 times during this Challenge on the monthly record forms. Results are to be recorded on the Monthly Record form and sent in.
Honesty and Witness Signatures: This Health and Fitness Challenge is done independently, so to be fair to others involved please keep your information as honest as possible. We ask that you have a witness sign your Weekly and Monthly Reports form before you submit your data to IPACC. We will also request before and after photos to verify major changes, and these will not be made public unless we are authorized with a consent and release form.
Completed Forms: Once you have filled out the forms to the best of your ability, submit them as attachments to: Indigenouspacc@gmail.com.
Reviewers: team of three people will review them for inclusion into the IPACC Health and Fitness Challenge Evaluation.
Ratings: On April 15th,2019 the Challenge will be officially closed and results will be tallied. Once all results have been -tallied, we will announce the awards and who is IPACC’s Challenge! The awards will be announced April 25, 2019
If you have any questions, feel free to email us at: Indigenouspacc@gmail.com or 778-689-0259.

Award Certificates will be presented on the last day of the challenge and are as followed:

Golden Eagle Award: Goes to the healthiest and fittest over all (25% of all registration fees).
The remaining awards will be divided by 25% for:
Black Bear Award: Goes to the most improved.
Turtle Award: Goes to the most honest.
“Deer” Award (“buck” for men and “doe” for women): Goes to the individual who was most active overall.
Killer Whale Award: Goes to the individual who consumed the most water.
Grand prize: The individual who receives the Golden Eagle Award will be crowned IPACC’s Winner and will receive a cash prize that will equal a quarter of all registration fees. The more people we get involved in this challenge the larger the cash prize will be so please invite your friends (they will also make good witnesses)!

Once the challenge has finished Awards will be mailed out (Please make sure your address provided on registration form is valid).

IPACC feels this challenge is great for promoting healthy lifestyles. This will be fun for all involved and an opportunity to focus on physical fitness, healthy lifestyles and the promotion of wellness. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this event with you. I can be reached at indigenouspacc@gmail.com

Thank You and wishing you sucess with your goals.


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