Indigenous Health Today by NationTalk, Steps Up Launch Amid COVID-19 Global Pandemic

Indigenous Health Today by NationTalk, Steps Up Launch Amid COVID-19 Global Pandemic


“Strengthened communications is critical across our Nations to keep us safe; NationTalk stands by the recent WHO request in taking urgent, aggressive action for the safety of our Peoples through implementation of this important resource.”

– Don Barraclough, President, NationTalk

Monday, March 16, 2020 – Toronto – With the declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic, Canada’s premier voice for Indigenous Peoples, NationTalk, launches and is providing FREE listing services on Indigenous Health Today to further enable, support and communicate within our Nations, provinces, and territories on one single platform.

Our communities require this, and as a private enterprise, we are best positioned to provide this non-partisan and sustainable network.” says Don Barraclough, President & Founder of NationTalk.   “We began Indigenous Health Today from the need to drive awareness and communicate important health matters. Early and transparent communication builds trust and ensures the credibility of public health advice.”

Research shows that the uncertainty tied in with pandemics results in a high demand for information so people can make informed decisions, address and correct misinformation and speculation—which remains a challenge given the rapid dissemination of information through social media platforms.

A reliable solution is providing Indigenous Health Today at no cost as a technology platform but what is also needed is a secure communications tool for a health professionals to securely exchange information that  promotes early diagnosis and closes the gab between Indigenous and fellow Canadians”, says Barraclough.

The NationTalk team has  been tirelessly working on this project for the last year as a commitment to corporate social responsibility.  We call upon governments to support a By Us for Us solution! NationTalk has been a premier newswire service, distributing media releases and other announcements, events, employment, and opportunities for Indigenous businesses and  communities in Canada and has just celebrated its 15th year anniversary.

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