Key messages for this week on COVID-19:

  • The number of new positive results increased by 36% to 151.  This is higher than the peak of the 4th wave and is the 5th increase (ie peak? wave?) since the pandemic began.  Of note, the increase across Ontario is not as dramatic as that seen among First Nations.
  • Half of the new positives were in the Northeast.
  • There has been virtually no increase in the percent of First Nations people 12 years or older who have received 2 or more doses of vaccine (including booster or 3rd doses).
  • Vaccination rate remains at 67% of First Nations people 12 years and older.
  • DATA NOT SHOWN: Ontario COVID-19 vaccination rates are 80% or higher based on people 5 years and older. The First Nations equivalent is likely about 65% (adjusting the currently reported rate among people 12 years or older).  Subsequent reports will attempt to present directly comparable vaccination rates for both Ontario and First Nations.

Download the full PDF report here: COVID-19 testing report #84