Governments Won’t Stop COVID. It’s Up to Us – The Tyee

Politicians are ignoring the threat, especially to our children. Citizens have to step up and do what our leaders won’t.

When governments play with viral fires, it is ordinary citizens, including our unvaccinated children, that get burned.

And so the fourth wave has arrived in our midst like some crazed arsonist in a dry forest under a heat dome.

This is what happens when a reckless political class ignores history (pandemics have long tails); abandons effective control measures; preaches the gospel of unwarranted optimism; surrenders any duty of care; and abandons the unvaccinated (children) to high risk and uncertainty.

Such appalling behaviours have durable consequences and side effects. While public trust in government erodes with the speed of a Tennessee flood, uncertainly about the future spreads faster than foot rot.

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