Excessive screen time is changing our eyes faster than we can blink – CBC

Staring too long at screens is driving up rate of myopia, dry eye, other vision problems

Apr 23, 2023

Pedram Mousavi’s work is all about detail, so his vision must be sharp. The luxury auto detailing studio owner says in addition to looking at glossy reflective paints, he spends hours staring at his computer and phone screens.

That’s why he became concerned when he began experiencing vision problems.

At first, he said, it just felt like he had dust in his eyes.

“There was something wrong with my eyes. They were reddish and dry, dry, dry,” said the 43-year-old Toronto business owner, one of more than 10 million Canadians with evaporative dry eye disease.

Eye health experts say research now links overuse of computer and smartphone screens to several progressive, irreversible eye disorders, such as dry eye disease and myopia, at rates not seen before.

Rea more: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/excessive-screen-use-eyes-myopia-1.6815857

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