Eight community projects receive more than $925,500 from Community Development Fund

Eight community projects in five Yukon communities have been awarded $925,542 in Tier 3 funding from the Community Development Fund.

The projects include a new playground in the Town of Faro, upgrades to cross-country ski trails in Whitehorse, a new air system for a restaurant in Mayo, ice maintenance equipment for the arena in Pelly Crossing, and funding for hosting a 10-day national conference for live performance technicians, producers and managers in Yukon.

Staying active and engaged contributes to healthy, sustainable communities. These projects enhance recreational and cultural infrastructure while creating training and employment opportunities for Yukoners. The Government of Yukon is proud to support projects that contribute to the social and economic wellbeing of Yukon communities.

Minister of Economic Development Ranj Pillai

With the vital support we have received from the Community Development Fund, we will be able to upgrade our racing trail network to the current standards required to host major national ski competitions. These competitions generate significant benefits for the community and leave a legacy of trail and facility improvements that will benefit the entire ski community.

President of Whitehorse Cross Country Ski Club Dermot Flynn

Quick Facts

  • The Community Development Fund provides funding for projects, events and initiatives that offer long-term, sustainable economic and social benefits for Yukon communities. Funding is divided into three tiers with the following application deadlines:
    • Tier 1: Applications of $20,000 or less (January 15, May 15, July 15 and October 15).
    • Tier 2: Applications between $20,000 and $75,000 (April 15 and September 15).
    • Tier 3: Applications over $75,000 (January 15).


Community Development Fund Tier 3 January 15, 2019 Intake Approved Projects

Town of Faro – $133,893 – To remove and install a new playground at the Lower Bench in Faro. Updating the Lower Bench playground will support the enhancements that the Town of Faro is making within the community to continue to attract residents. Safe modern and diverse play equipment encourages physical activity and play which studies have shown to be excellent for children’s social and motor development. Contact: Roger Bower at 867-994-2375.

Da Daghay Development Corporation – $200,000 – To design and install an all-natural playground at their River Bend affordable housing complex. The design will represent Yukon by incorporating mountains and the aurora borealis, with the main feature being a bear and her cub. More than just a symbol of the North, the bear symbolizes courage, physical strength, family and leadership. All-natural playgrounds promote imaginative play, foster social interaction and encourage children to take risks within their environment. Complex and challenging structures, with dynamic features encourage climbing, balancing, jumping, mobility, strength, executive function, imagination and coordination. The project will create approximately 160 hours of employment for four people. Contact: Ben Asquith at 867-667-6609.

Whitehorse Cross Country Ski Club – $181,285 – To upgrade nine kilometres of cross-country ski trails from the current five-metre width to the standard widths required by the International Ski Federation (FIS) in order to hold major FIS sanctioned cross-country ski competitions and championships. The trail upgrades will allow the ski club to continue to host national level ski events that generate significant economic benefits to the community; are key experiences to the development of national and international athletes; and are important to maintaining Whitehorse as a world-class destination for outdoor sports and recreation. The upgrades to the trail system will provide the ski club with a much improved and safer set of ski trails for racers and recreational skiers alike. The project will create approximately 1,750 hours of employment for six or more people. Contact: Dermot Flynn at 867-668-4477.

Na-Cho Nyäk Dun Development Corporation – $78,315 – To install a tempered makeup air system in the only restaurant in Mayo, in order to receive a permit to operate. This project will ensure the continued existence and operation of an essential community asset and service in Mayo which is vital to the community’s sustainability. Contact: Greg Finnegan at 867-456-4340.

Yukon Historical & Museums Association – $75,061 – To commemorate the 150th anniversary drawing of the Kohklux Map and to acknowledge the immeasurable cultural and historical value of the earliest existing Indigenous maps of Yukon and southeast Alaska, a multi-disciplinary international symposium and traveling interpretive display will take place in Whitehorse from October 25 to 27, 2019. The maps and associated symposium will provide an opportunity for northern First Nations and Native Alaskans to re-connect with the historic maps and share their knowledge of traditional landscapes and language. The project will create approximately 240 hours of employment for four people. Contact: Lianne Maitland at 867-667-4704.

Yukon Theatre for Young People Society – $76,788 – To increase technical capacity in the live performance sector, Whitehorse will host a 10-day national conference from August 10 to 18, 2019 to benefit live performance technicians, producers and managers in Yukon. The conference will provide training, networking, skill-building and mentorship opportunities to Yukon residents, while inviting the national sector to Yukon and providing economic impacts as a result. The project will create approximately 160 hours of employment for two people. Contact: Angela Drainville at 867-334-2241.

Selkirk First Nation – $108,000 – To replace the ice resurfacer with a new Zamboni 526 in order to continue to provide safe and reliable ice maintenance. The arena in Pelly Crossing is a vital community asset. From afterschool skating programs to old timers’ hockey, the arena provides important sport and recreation opportunities during the winter months and plays a key role in promoting an active and healthy lifestyle for all citizens and visitors. Contact: Jeremy Harper at 867-333-3139.

Carcross Tagish Development Corporation – $72,200 – To rejuvenate and renovate the Carcross Commons Gazebo for year-round use. The Carcross Commons has quickly become the center of all activities in the Carcross area. This project will focus on building an upper level deck with a commercial grade sliding door system. Glazing in the upper level and having movable partitions will allow the gazebo to be opened, partially opened or closed depending upon the event and the season/weather. The community will have an excellent all-season gathering and meeting place in downtown Carcross and the gazebo will be available for multiple events and expand on the tourism and cultural events potential of Carcross and the Commons. Contact: Nelson Lepine at 867-393-2356.


Lisa Bucher
Cabinet Communications

Amelie Quirke-Tomlins
Communications, Economic Development


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