Early lab tests suggest new COVID-19 variant BA.2.86 may be less contagious and less immune-evasive than feared – CTV

Sept. 4, 2023

Scientists around the world are fast-tracking lab experiments to try to understand the highly mutated BA.2.86 variant of the virus that causes COVID-19. Results just beginning to emerge are offering some reassurance, experts say.

Two groups — one in China and one in Sweden — have publicly reported results, and more are expected as early as Monday from the United States. So far, early results paint BA.2.86 as more of a paper tiger rather than the looming beast it first appeared to be, although that impression could change as more results come in.

BA.2.86, also known by the nickname Pirola, captured the world’s attention because it looks radically different than any other variants of the coronavirus that we’ve seen so far.

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