Did vaccines make a difference? Study looks at rates of severe illness from COVID-19 – CTV

Oct. 8, 2022

A new study has added to a growing body of evidence that COVID-19 vaccines and boosters protect against severe illness and death.

Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the peer-reviewed study followed more than 1.6 million U.S. patients over 11 months, and found that among those who were vaccinated and boosted, the incidence of death or hospitalization for COVID-19 pneumonia was only 8.9 per 10,000 persons. According to the study, severe outcomes like these occurred almost exclusively among high-risk patients like older adults, the immunocompromised and those with conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.

“This is remarkable, good news about the power and effectiveness of receiving COVID-19 boosting for all groups,” co-author Dawn Bravata, a research scientist at the Regenstrief Institute and Roudebush Veterans’ Administration Medical Center in Indiana, said in a news release. “These results, from a period of Delta and Omicron predominance, should encourage people to get vaccinated and boosted.”

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