COVID-19 Risk Versus the Vaccine’s Side Effects – There’s No Comparison! – FNHA

Imagine feeling mildly ill for a day or two. Now imagine becoming so sick that you require extended time on a ventilator and risk permanent damage to vital organs like your lungs and heart.

If you had the choice between those two illnesses, which would you pick?

What if we told you that you do, in fact, have a choice? The choice is to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or remain at high risk for contracting the illness and potentially suffering those long-lasting and life-altering complications – or possibly even death.

The choice is clear: when it comes to the risks of a COVID-19 infection versus the risks of potential side effects – there is no comparison. Both the immediate and long-term impacts to health and wellness from contracting COVID-19 far exceed the possibility and the impact of minor side effects from one of the vaccines.

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