Key messages:


  • At least 67% of First Nations people 12 years or older have received 2 or more doses of COVID-19 vaccine as of Nov 8, 2021.
  • Vaccination rates are highest in the Central area but increasing everywhere, particularly in North East. Rates within First Nations communities are now similar to those outside communities.
  • The group with the lowest vaccination rate is people 20-39 years old.


  • As of Nov 14, 2021, there were 111 new positives, almost double the previous week’s total of 58. The number of positive results among First Nations to date is 5,746.
  • The area with the largest increase in positive results was Northeast which had more than half of the new positive results this week.
  • Hospital admission and death rates remain steady in First Nations and across Ontario.
  • Data not shown: Small changes in test volumes were within normal variation in First Nations and across Ontario.

Download the full PDF report here: COVID testing report#83

Download the full communique here: Weekly Health Sector Communique