Community projects receive more than $748,000 from the Community Development Fund

Organizations from across Yukon are receiving $748,332 in funding for community projects through the Community Development Fund (CDF). A total of 21 projects are receiving Tier I and II CDF funding to improve community infrastructure, increase food security, and enhance recreational, cultural, and educational opportunities in Yukon communities.

Funding recipients include the White River First Nation, to make improvements at the community garden in Beaver Creek, and the Mental Health Association of Yukon, to expand mental health programming in the territory.

Supporting community-led projects that promote recreation, education and cultural learning is key to building healthy, sustainable and vibrant communities. These projects will create local employment and help to generate economic opportunities in a variety of communities throughout Yukon.

Minister of Economic Development Ranj Pillai

The community development funding will allow us to build facilities that help people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the garden, learn and socialize together outdoors.

White River First Nation Gardening Consultant Glenn Stephen

This funding will help the Mental Health Works program reach more Yukoners and will contribute to healthy and sustainable Yukon workplaces and communities.

Mental Health Association of Yukon Executive Director Tiffanie Tasane
Quick Facts

    • The primary goal of the Community Development Fund is to support projects that provide long-term benefits and value to Yukon communities. The projects are awarded based on merit and the ability to demonstrate social, cultural and economic benefits.
      • Tier I: Applications of $20,000 or less (intake deadlines in January, May, July and October).
      • Tier II: Applications of $20,001 to $75,000 (intake deadlines in May and September).
      • Tier III: Applications of $75,001 or more (intake deadline in January).The Community Development Fund is divided into three tiers with five intake deadlines:


CDF Tier I May 15, 2018 Intake Approved Projects

Yukon Avalanche Association – $20,000 – To install a weather station within the Haines Pass, BC area. The project will provide backcountry users with vital information to make decisions to mitigate the potential of avalanche dangers. The project will create 100 hours of employment for four people. Contact: Kylie Campbell at (867) 322-1866.

White River First Nation – $19,999 – To improve the community garden towards boosting food production and outdoor activity for all residents of Beaver Creek. The project will provide more opportunities for active living for all ages, increase well-being, reduce food insecurity and connect people to nature. The project will create 555 hours of employment for four people. Contact: Glenn Stephen at (867) 336-1817.

Flatwater Paddling Yukon Society – $13,000 – To upgrade the storage facilities at Schwatka Lake. With upgrades to their operating site, Flatwater Yukon will be able to continue to offer quality programming. The project will create 92 hours of employment for four people. Contact: Helen Anne Girouard at (867) 335-8121.

Biathlon Yukon – $13,500 – To hire a consultant to conduct a functional space analysis and feasibility study for a new facility at the Grey Mountain Range. This project will provide Biathlon Yukon with information to ensure that the facility meets their programming needs as well as those of other user groups and for the future hosting of sporting events in Whitehorse. Contact: Bill Curtis at (867) 332-1616.

Riverdale Community Association – $2,202 – To install a permanent basketball net in Laird Park. The project will provide an additional recreational feature to the park and enhance opportunities for children to engage in sport activities, contributing to healthy and active living. Contact: Doug MacLean at (867) 334-9872.

Dawson City Music Festival Association – $9,515 – To pilot the delivery of a week-long social justice camp in Whitehorse, using rock music and positive mentorship as a vehicle to empower girls, trans and gender non-conforming youth between the ages of 8-18 years. The Camp’s workshops offer opportunities for participants to build self-esteem and self-confidence, develop leadership, team and collaboration skills and critically explore gender issues. The project will create 450 hours of employment for nine people. Contact: Andy Pelletier at (867) 993-5584.

Northern Council for Global Cooperation – $19,700 – To coordinate and host knowledge sharing events to exchange culturally relevant environmental sustainable development practices with Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in and Carcross/Tagish First Nation and Maori representatives of New Zealand. The goals of this project are to inspire a new way of thinking for how Indigenous and non-Indigenous world-views can be brought together to co-create innovative models of sustainable development. The project will create 100 hours of employment for one person. Contact: Tracey Wallace at (867) 332-6242.

Liard First Nation – $19,035 – To pilot one-day/week summer programming for families within Liard First Nation. This project will reinforce community wellness and family values, strengthen family ties and provide families with the opportunity to take their children out on the land and participate in activities designed to support traditional values and practices. The project will create 56+ hours of employment for four people. Contact: Irene vanNieuwkerk at (867) 536-7901.

Southern Tutchone Tribal Council – $17,520 – To inventory, arrange, describe and digitize its archival recordings to provide access to and permanent preservation of the Elders’ unique traditional knowledge and Indigenous language. The project will preserve archival records that are in danger of being lost and will provide a record of family lineages, clan relationships, marriage customs, stories and legends in Southern Tutchone language that have not been widely researched or available. The project will create 300+ hours of employment for two people. Contact: Shannon Walker at (867) 633-2186.

Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in – $13,172 – To upgrade facilities at the Tr’ochëk Historic Site in order to improve and support visitor use and programming at the site. Tr’ochëk Heritage Site is rich with natural, geographical and cultural resources and is in close proximity to Dawson City. It is an ideal location for an outdoor education experience for students and visitors to learn about Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in culture and traditional use of the land. The project will create 260 hours of employment for three people. Contact: Alex Brook at (867) 993-7100.

Kluane First Nation – $18,250 – To complete the Elders’ Memory Project by recording another 10+ Elders including some of Kluane First Nation’s oldest citizens. This project will create a rich web of unique visual portraits and oral traditions to support interpretive and educational programs for many years. The portraits will be a visual legacy of people in the community. The recorded biographies, life lessons and other narratives will contribute many new threads of connection between individuals, families, events, traditional teachings and points of interest in Kluane First Nation traditional territories. The project will create 322 hours of employment for four people. Contact: Mary Jane Johnson at (867) 841-4274.

Yukon Church Heritage Society – $20,000 – To restore and stabilize the roof of the Old Log Rectory and to replace its heating system. The project contributes to the preservation of an important historic landmark that represents a point of interest for Yukoners and visitors as well as space for community outreach activities. Contact: Linda Thistle at (867) 668-2555.

CDF Tier II May 15, 2018 Intake Approved Projects

Yukon Astronomical Society – $66,523 – To construct a presentation building/shelter and prepare an open presentation area for under-the-sky presentations and aurora watching. This project will continue to make the Yukon Astronomical Society’s observatory site functional and accessible to the general public for astronomy-related educational and recreational activities throughout the year. The project will create 436 hours of employment for four people. Contact: Viktor Zsohar at (250) 408-4838.

St. Paul’s Anglican Church – $58,000 – To complete renovations in the chapel’s kitchen and bathroom in order to address health hazards, cold weather-related issues and the need to comply with environmental health regulations. St. Paul’s Anglican Church is a celebrated hub of cultural activity and provides a valuable service to the community. The renovations will ensure the facility is safe, efficient and available for activities that promote community building and well-being. The project will create employment for six contractors and their crews. Contact: Betty Davidson at (867) 993-5045.

Kwanlin Dün First Nation – $73,100 – To develop a comprehensive Interpretation Plan illustrating the cultural connection and occupation of lands by the Kwanlin Dün First Nation, from Marsh Lake to Lake Laberge, with an emphasis on the Whitehorse waterfront. The project will provide the unique opportunity for Kwanlin Dün First Nation to build on, expand and reintroduce Indigenous voice, narrative and presence and create a rich display of Kwanlin Dün First Nation heritage along the waterfront. The project will create 600 hours of employment for six people. Contact: Rae Mombourquette at (867) 633-7800 ext.120.

Mayo Volunteer Fire Department Association – $55,805 – To upgrade the playground in North Star Park. The new playground will improve the safety of children, increase accessibility to a wider range of children and enhance community livability by providing opportunities for children and families to come together and play. Contact: Ian Spencer at (867) 996-2658.

Ibex Valley Volunteer Firefighter Association – $71,032 – To build a live-fire training facility that will be used to further develop the training and skill level of rural Yukon volunteer firefighters. Volunteers will contribute nearly 900 hours in labour towards site preparation, construction, assembly and project coordination. Contact: Geoff Hann at (867) 336-3959.

Mental Health Association of Yukon – $23,700 – To increase the capacity to deliver the Mental Health Works program by increasing the number of trained facilitators in the territory and developing their existing facilitator as a Master Trainer to provide continuation as well as support and mentorship for newly trained facilitators. The project will help to strengthen resources and contribute to healthier communities for all Yukon residents. Contact: Tiffanie Tasane at (867) 668-6429.

Champagne and Aishihik First Nations – $75,000 – To install new natural playground structures on the playground area at the newly built Daycare/Language Hub of the Da Kų Cultural Centre in Haines Junction. The development of a natural playground will significantly enhance the efforts of Champagne and Aishihik First Nations to support children as they explore and learn and grow into healthy, resilient individuals. Contact: Rob Fendrick at (867) 456-6879.

Whitehorse Curling Club – $72,139 – To provide separate metering for the ice plant equipment so that the ice plant service can be shut down and locked out during the summer months to save on substantial electrical utility demand charges when the curling rink is not in operation. This will allow the Whitehorse Curling Club to build on community spirit by potentially extending their season, offering clinics and camps, and offering the facility to more user groups throughout the year. The project will create 450 hours of employment for four people. Contact: Crystal McEachran at (867) 667-2875.

Liard First Nation – $67,140 – To complete the exterior renovations on the Upper Liard Hall so that the community will once again have a welcoming place to gather and hold cultural and traditional community events. The project will create 560 hours of employment for up to six people. Contact: Irene vanNieuwkerk at (867) 536-7901.


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