Canada’s Role In Ending AIDS Globally Must Start At Home – Huffington Post Canada

As many see the world making a shift to the right, there has been a groundswell of liberal praise for Canada. For many, Canada is viewed as a stable democracy with an educated multicultural population that seemingly all co-exist well. While many societies grapple with an emergence of right-leaning nationalism and cultural exclusivity, we, Canadians, harbor no outward illusions of greatness but are united on a common understanding that inclusiveness, tolerance, sound social and economic policies are the backbone of our strength — and this does not include the Trudeau factor.

Sensing a rise in our global perception stocks, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has embarked on a broad range of initiatives and actions which if successful would result in Canada having a newly elevated role and position on international political dialogues and policies. Indeed, in some regard this is welcoming news. As the world seemingly enters a new era of polarity, Canada, with our perception of being a champion of diversity, progressive values, and stability, undoubtedly has a role to play in helping to provide balance to our increasingly troubled global world.

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