Press Release

Indigenous Family Space

Brant Community Healthcare System has created an Indigenous Family Space, located on Floor A8, Room 119 at the Brantford General Hospital.  It is a place where patients and families can gather in a culturally safe space and practice traditional healing.  To view the website page for the Indigenous Family Space, please click here:  Indigenous Family Space Webpage

During the opening of the space, the Brant County Healthcare System (BCHS) had a kiosk located in the room where visitors could share feedback on two names proposed by BCHS’s Indigenous Cultural Safety Committee. The survey also has an option that allows the participants to share their own name suggestion. The BCHS are hoping to from the MCFN community to obtain feedback to help the Cultural Safety Committee select the name. Here is a link to the survey:

Upon opening the survey link, you may chose from the 2 names provided OR provide your own name.