Call for Expressions of Interest for Métis Contractor/Writer – Developing Métis Content for Life Promotion Project

About the project:The Provincial Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions has provided Métis Nation BC’s Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions with funding for work centered around suicide prevention/life promotion for Métis youth. Life promotion is a more proactive, strengths-based approach to suicide prevention. As defined by

Life promoting communities offer young people a strong sense of meaning, purpose, belonging, and hope based on a strong cultural foundation. They are communities with healthy, strong, and visionary leaders. They are self-determining communities. They are communities that recognize and honour the gifts of children, youth, adults, extended families, and Elders. They are communities that draw on Indigenous knowledge systems and good cultural ways. They are communities where Indigenous languages are being revitalized, and where ceremonies, spiritual practices, and land-based teachings are deeply valued. Respectful relationships that are grounded in a recognition of the interconnectedness of all living things is at the heart of this work. Children, young people, volunteers, families, professionals, knowledge keepers, local leaders and governments, and Elders all have a role to play in supporting the collective life of the community.

In consultation with MNBC’s Minister of Youth and the Métis Youth Mental Health and Wellness Initiative, it was proposed to work on the development of interactive online life promotion modules, centred around the themes of connection. The modules will be driven and grounded in Métis content, for Métis populations. The following Métis life promotion module themes have been identified:

  • Connection to wellness
  • Connection to culture
  • Connection to kinship
  • Connection to self
  • Connection to land

About the work to date:

As this project is a massive undertaking the requires a high-level of expertise in online content creation and module development, MNBC has been working with an external consulting company (Argyle) who will lead the development of this work. Argyle has been responsible for graphic/creative design, online module creation, platform development, and module frameworks, while content insights and priorities have been guided by the project advisory group.

To support this project and ensure all work is guided by a Métis-lens, MNBC has been working with a project advisory committee of Métis individuals to ensure timely and insightful feedback, and that this project is grounded in Métis voice. It is essential that this work be grounded in and led by Métis wisdom and insights. The project advisory group consists of Métis Elders, Métis youth, and Métis service providers.

About the opportunity:

The project advisory group has provided meaningful insight for content to be included in the life promotion modules. This includes content that has not yet been publicly developed or available, that would address gaps for Métis youth, and be relevant to the needs of the community.

We are seeking a Métis writer/contractor to work with MNBC’s Provincial Mental Health Coordinator and the project advisory group to write and create new community informed content for this project. Guided by the insights and wisdom brought forward by the project advisory group, the hired contractor will work to write the new content, which Argyle will then incorporate into the online modules. The timeline for this project has an estimated completion deadline of March 2022.

In accordance with MNBC’s strategic plan, this ties in with strategic priority #1 (develop a healthy and vibrant Métis Nation BC) and strategic priority #4 (increase cultural visibility). Strategic priority #1 excerpt: “A healthy Nation requires distinctions-based mental health and wellness supports that incorporate Métis culture.” Strategic priority #4 excerpt: “All ministries are working to embed Métis culture into programs and services for Métis people across the province. Direct access to cultural information and resources will strengthen capacity for Métis people in our Nation.”

These specifically quoted priorities tie-in strongly with the recommendation to work with a Métis contractor to create new culturally relevant content, as it relates to Métis youth mental health, that is guided by the voice of Métis community members.

Submitting an expression of interest:

We are inviting Métis writers/contractors to submit a proposal for consideration.

In your expression of interest, please be sure to share:

  • Your relevant experiences
  • What interests you have as it relates to this project and Métis culture
  • Your experience working with the Métis community

Please submit your expression of interest to MNBC’s Provincial Mental Health Coordinator, Jillian Jones, at [email protected] no later than December 3rd, 2021.

Should you have any questions or comments, please connect with Jillian.

Thank you for your interest!

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