2015 Food Fish Delivery Update

We are expecting sockeye to be distributed to ‘Namgis members within the next few weeks, possibly days. Please watch the ‘Namgis website (www.namgis.bc.ca) and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/namgisnation) and Council Hall for updates.

We are NOT expecting to have the amount of fish available this year that we had in 2014, therefore we have adjusted the distribution a bit from last year.

Fish will ONLY be distributed to households (not the freezer plant) using a route system. All houses on Cormorant Island are on either a yellow, blue or pink route. We will be distributing fish to priority households by route, once all the priority households have received fish, we will then start distributing fish to the remaining ‘Namgis household by route.

We are going to try our best to ensure all ‘Namgis households receive fish, please be patient with our distribution system and be respectful of our delivery crew. It may take a few days before all households receive their fish.


  1. There will be NO FISH GIVEN OUT AT THE DOCK.
  2. Fish will ONLY be delivered to Alert Bay addresses.
  3. Please have containers ready to receive the fish – bags will not be provided.
  4. We are encouraging groups/families that do their fish together to have all their fish delivered to one location. Larger fish deliveries to fewer locations will speed up the distribution process. If you want your fish delivered to a different location than your home please let Mona or Nic (974-5556) know where you want your fish delivered.
  5. We will not be delivering fish to the freezer plant for you. To use the freezer plant please contact Derek (974-8472). Fish can remain in there for only 24hours and needs to arrive already in bags. We are not responsible for fish left beyond 24hours.
  6. Fish is allocated by household NOT by individual member.
  7. Fish is delivered to the household we have listed as your residence address. If you want the fish for that household to be delivered to a different address please contact Nic or Mona at (250) 974-5556 to arrange prior to the fish being distributed.
  8. Off-island members are able to receive fish delivered to an Alert Bay address (not the freezer plant). Please contact Nic or Mona to indicate which household will be receiving fish for your household.

Frequently Asked Questions about Food Fish Delivery

  1. How do I get on the food fish list?

The fisheries team has been working hard with the communications department to work towards ensuring all ‘Namgis members are on the food fish distribution list. If you live in Alert Bay your house is already on the list.

  1. How do I know when the fish is going to be distributed?

We will be posting information on the ‘Namgis website (www.namgis.bc.ca) and the ‘Namgis Facebook page. Please help share this information so those without the internet will also be in the loop. Signs will also be posted on the Council Hall. We typically don’t know when fish is coming in for the community until the day before it arrives. Attached is a map showing the coloured routes, we will try to post which route fish is currently being or expected to be delivered on.

  1. How many fish are we getting?

The number of fish distributed will depend on the number of fish that are brought in by the boats. The fish will be evenly distributed by household. The exact number won’t be known until the distribution starts but it is likely around 10-15 fish per household. Some houses will be on a priority list and they will receive fish first, once those houses have all received fish the rest of the community will be distributed their fish. It will likely take a few boat loads to distribute the fish to all the houses so the distribution will probably occur over a number of days.

  1. How is the fish allocated?

Fish is allocated by household NOT by individual member.

  1. Are you delivering fish down island (or off Cormorant Island)?

No. Fish will not be delivered by the band off-island. If you live off-island and want fish please call Nic or Mona to indicate which Alert Bay house to have your fish delivered to.

  1. Are you delivering fish to the Vancouver Friendship Centre?

No fish will be delivered by the band to any location off Cormorant Island.


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